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Project - 2012 Halloween card with my cat


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So very clever!

Project - 2012 Halloween card with my cat
About this project

Project - 2012 Halloween card with my cat
by meccatx
posted 10/14/13 at 04:16 PM
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How to make a card using Ruby:

1) Choose picture.

2.) Assemble card with various pieces of colored cardstock and glue.

3.) Write sentiment inside and outside.

4.) Get signature of cat.

–Dab corner of folded paper towel in red food coloring. Decide it is not enough and dab again.
–Find cat, who happens to be outside sunning herself in slumber on the picnic tables under the big oaks
–Scoop discombobulated cat into arms as leaves gently twirl to earth in the Autumn sunshine and look at front paw.
–Decide front paw is too hairy and wouldn't make a good imprint because the pads are spread too far apart.
–Tighten grip on cat who is coming to life in an alarmed state.
–Reposition cat and clamp torso under the arm.
–Ignore irritated noises issuing from cat.
–Grab right rear paw and hold up to see if it is too hairy.
–Dab pads generously with food dye and clamp down harder on panicking cat; stamp card.
–Release angry cat and walk to house with giggling satisfaction at making a genius Halloween card for sister.
–Shake card in the air like a Polaroid picture to speed drying of paw print because Halloween is the next day and the card MUST go in mail in one hour.
–Five minutes later, realize that if the cousin next door sees red paw, she will think the cat has cut herself dreadfully.
–Find cat, who happens to be sulking on the glider under other oak trees.
–Approach cat who squints eyes and thinks, “What the heck do you think you're doing?”
–Pin cat to glider and pour bottle of water on paw.
–Re-pin cat and repeat until red dye comes off white fur.
–Avoid cat for 12 hours.

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