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Project - GASC-A



Yup, that one of me is a real winner, all right. And how about that neon headband over my head, LOL (she said in a vain attempt to detract attention from that awful expression on her face).

Thanks for posting these, Veronica! And thanks to all for a great time.

-- Carla

OMG!!! Fiddy is HOT!!!

oh MAN.
I look DEAD SEXY in that photo.
But Carla has me beat. Wow.
We are all so HOT.

so sorry i missed y'all!!
next time fo sho.

Oh wow, I actually don't look too bad in that pic! I had fun chatting with you &amp; spending time with you at Sarah's that night!!

OOH we're so cute!! I had such a blast with you all! Until next year!!!!

Project - GASC-A
About this project

Project - GASC-A
by Zing Queen
posted 06/13/06 at 05:22 PM
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Here are my pics from GASC. I got adhesive on the lens of my camera, so if these look blurry, it's because of that, or the fact that we played musical cameras at Pappasitos, and there's no tellin' who took the photo. 1 - Me and Jana (ScrappinJana) 2 - the hysterical Sarah (sayfay) 3 - Mendy (mendytexas), Danielle (croppincowgirl) and Carla TxTweety 4 - I caught Carla licking her fingers! 5 - Jason at Polar Bear 6 - Stacy from Spellbinders 7 - the famous SEI rig with list of sponsors. Sorry, no pictures incriminating or in focus enough of Tamara and Cindy to post. Maybe someone else can do the honors. TFL

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