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Project - Paper Storage



Love it! Looks organized, uncluttered, yet still able to see the goods. Thanks for sharing. I MUST get myself some!

I have put the CH plastic dividers inside these. I think they fit with no trimming. I also put the white folders (I forgot the brand but I bought them at Archivers) in the paper holders for scraps and those required about 1/2" trimmed off the side to fit, but 12 x 12 fits perfectly and it doesn't wobble around much so I've had hardly any damage.

They are shorter than the paper so the full height is about 12.25 inches. I was told that this item is no longer carried in the stores. When I checked at my local store, they looked it up in the computer and said it was an online only item. But if your area has the shipping deal, it arrives the next business day (for free on orders over $50). It's easier for me to just wait until I have $50 worth of items to order and then place the order online than to drive to the store, even though my local store is only about 7 miles away...

these would mean i wouldn't have to cut the cropper hoppers down to fit them in my ikea expedit. thanks for sharing. now to sneak a few. wonder if they have them in the store?

Project - Paper Storage
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Project - Paper Storage
by GoMarquette
posted 09/24/07 at 12:25 PM
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These are the great paper holders I ordered from Office Depot. They are about twice as large as a Cropper Hopper and very sturdy. They are $13.99 each and Office Depot has free, next-day delivery to your home for orders over $50. I've been really happy with these–they were suggested by another Pea. The item number is #939611. Order this Oxford brand and not the Office Depot brand as 12 x 12 paper doesn't fit in the Office Depot brand (as I found out after I ordered them initially). The Oxford ones are GREAT! Love this for paper storage.

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