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Project - peek-a-boo

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Ha ha, I see you!


Oo, I just saw this in the gallery and was going to say how impressed I am that you've exposed it so well with all that white! I think this is a good job - skin colours perfect and you have detail in the fabric too, love it!

These are s sweet! As far as not blowing the white, you have to expose for the blanket. You may have to play with levels and then mask the blanket back in.

You could do it with this shot too. Play with levels or curves on a new layer. Take the blanket down so it's not so blown. Then make it a layer mask and erase the baby back to what he was. Clear as mud?

sorry i am no help but, i absolutely love that first shot

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Project - peek-a-boo
About this project

Project - peek-a-boo
by boys3
posted 04/22/08 at 09:09 PM
Galleries: Photography

I left a piece of material out and found my 2yr old playing with it. I quickly grabed by camera and took a few shots. His attention span for taking pictures is only about 2min. Hmmm…maybe I shouold leave material out for often if I can get some pictures. TFL Nickie
Oh ya, does any know how not to blow out the white? Thanks!!

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