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Project - End of Year teacher gift {candy bar poem}



These are great! I'm going to scraplift this idea for end of the year gift for my daughter's 1st grade teacher. I already have a clear paint can so now I'm off to find some candy!

Those turned out cute! I bet all of the teachers loved those and will keep those personalized pencil cups forever!!!

Awesome job! Now, where is the gift you made like this for your nephew? I thought it was going to be in your gallery. What gives!<img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/grin.gif'>


those came out really cute!

i love this idea. i might just have to add make it and give it to them with my picture frame. great job.


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Project - End of Year teacher gift {candy bar poem}
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Project - End of Year teacher gift {candy bar poem}
by I*Love*Hello*Kitty
posted 05/24/08 at 04:12 PM
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THanks to NO MOM and Ryzmomplus2 for the wonderful idea of sweet treats with a candy bar poem! I motified it a bit and altered a coffee tin so it can be used a pencil can later. I was going to slip a few pencils in but i barely had enought room for all the yummy candy! Here is Ryzmomplus2 blog : []

Also here is the poem : Throughout the school year you have been a LIFESAVER,
And that's nothing to SNICKER about,
You've had to deal with TWIX from students acting like 3 Musketeers
Although there were many days you thought you'd lost your SKITTLES
or felt like an AIRHEAD with all you had to do
And the accidents caused by your BUTTERFINGERS
So while the PAYDAYS are not nearly what you deserve
its time for you to TAKE 5 and rest your WHATCHAMACALLIT.
Thank you for all you do And whether you go
across the country and down to 5th AVENUE
We hope your summer is EXTRA special

I cut out a few lines because I could not find the candy bars at Walgreens. Her blog has a few other lines that I deleted! TFS and TFL!

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