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Project - Gentle Soul

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I almost missed this one. Geez this is stunning.

Wow! These photos are stunning! Gorgeous 2-pager. <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

Who says journaling is hard?!!! (Well, Tami used to say that, actually. But, perhaps she can see now that she is a better story teller than she gives herself credit for!)

Beautiful lo, Tami. Lovely to see both you and Oliver! I love the perspective on the photos.

This is incredibly beautiful!

WOW! What stunning photos ... and such a touching story. Beautiful.

Project - Gentle Soul
About this project

Project - Gentle Soul
by dittojackson
posted 03/16/09 at 01:21 PM
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Anna Aspnes-Mama Page Set, Monoblendz Crema, Korners NEdges No. 7, Hipster Plumes No. 12, Floral Art No. 2 brushes,Fotoblendz Template No. 1.Katie Pertiet-Vintage Frames Round. Fonts: CK Magnificent and Allegro

Today this ladybug landed on me. I called you over and you brought her up close for inspection. You said how beautiful she was. You said how cute and sweet she was. After much handling i told you to put her back in the honeysuckle vines. I told you she might be hungry, or looking for her Mommy. I watched you from a distance, still admiring her as she crawled through the vines. Within minutes you ran to me, sobbing. I asked what was wrong. You said she had flown away and you didn’t know where she went, and she was gone forever. You cried and cried and said you didn’t want her to be gone forever. I told you it was almost spring, and there would be plenty of bugs to discover in the yard. You did not believe me. But, within minutes a second ladybug appeared near your foot. And all was well again. You so love and appreciate nature and the world around you. I am so blessed to be able to witness your loving spirit every day. You are indeed a gentle soul.


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