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9  Comments - Pooh's Thotful Spot

so sweet

Love the hexagons!! So awesome!! Thanks for posting comments on my projects :)

I really really love this! in to my bookmarks.

I love the hexagons. Cute pictures!

I love your layout!

Great colors! Cute pictures. The hexagon/honey comb are perfect.

Aaah, this is so sweet. Love the honeycomb pattern for Winnie. Such adorable photos, so much love showing. I love the little quotes. Perfection!!!

Um, loving the hexagons! And you're right - honeycomb is perfect for a Winnie the Pooh page. You chose the perfect colors. I love how you journaled in the spaces between the hexagons and the photos are perfect!

I agree, the honeycombs are perfect for a Pooh page. I also love the little quotes from Pooh and Piglet. Nice Job!

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