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Project - all is calm

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This is so sweet and charming. What a wonderful page you have scrapped!

what a treasure. this photo is such a great moment captured. so beautifully scrapped as well.

Project - all is calm
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Project - all is calm
by 1girl1boy
posted 01/08/12 at 09:54 PM
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journaling -
this is it. this is the time on Christmas Eve that i live for. the time when we’re finally home from church, the cookies and milk and key set out for santa, reindeer food and carrots set put out for rudolph and the crew, when we're all settled down in our pjs and daddy reads ‘twas the night before christmas. for some reason we couldn’t find our copy of it. never fear, daddy to the rescue as he downloaded it to his iPad and read from there.who would have ever thought? regardless, it served its purpose and all was quiet and calm as he read and we sent you off to bed for the night. capturing this moment is something i will treasure always. it so wonderfully captures the relationship you share.

a very vintage christmas by amy jaz designs

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