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Project - studio (2011). update.

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Project - studio (2011). update.
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Project - studio (2011). update.
by cristi_ann
posted 07/17/11 at 11:07 AM
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now that i'm starting to spend alot more time in here, i spent some time tweaking the things that weren't working for me -

1. this is the shelf to the left of my desk

2. these containers are the iris carts that hold my scraps, organized by color - all of my art mediums are now on top of those containers in baskets.

3. this is the shelf to the right of my desk

we're still talking about putting magnet boards/peg boards under these shelves.

4. dag's not too thrilled about the picture and yes, i do use my glass desk as a palette - lol…

5. i'm closest to these shelves when i'm working, so my punches/stamps/mixed media texture supplies/patterned paper/mini albums/canvas/journals are all on these shelves.

6. these are the infamous black book cases - they haven't changed much. i brought all of my art books back in here and a few other books… also, i took the jars of flowers/buttons and brads out of my color baskets and put them by themselves on these shelves - my color baskets were getting too full.

7. just a shot of the top of black book cases.

8. my closet - at this point, this is a mess - overflow albums/canvas, monthly kits, project kits… i've been using the sc boxes to store projects i've started, iris cases sorted by manufacturer, theme, etc. again, a mess…

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