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Project - cleaning my scraproom and organizing

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Great space with lots of wonderful things. Sometimes using one color helps a room look more cohesive, if you painted the walls and panelling white and the cabinets and chest, it would connect everything more for you, but I think your room is great and you are rocking on that Cameo! I love the large intricate cut you made.

Great space!

Project - cleaning my scraproom and organizing
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Project - cleaning my scraproom and organizing
by peggyd
posted 04/20/13 at 06:21 PM
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last summer I had back surgery and moved a lot of my things to the spare bedroom so I could play till I recovered .I would go down and dump out drawers to bring up empty containers to bring up and it was a big mess I couldn't hardly get through the room I have started cleaning and organizing .I for the first time have all my paper together not organized yet but together .It is clean and I have all my blue bins organized now with cuddle bug folders and others in one and Anna's in one .12 x12 borders in one .my new cameo .I still have lots to do but a happy camper to have it all together .I hope to sort through all the paper and then I will crate all the magazines and put all my stamps on those shelves most are stampnup and clear are in binders a lot of my other clear are standing up in shoe boxes and will go on the shelves too.I pulled out all the boxes under the counter and went through everything vacuumed and put back what I am keeping .I cleaned all the shelves the paper is on and will keep plugging away .I have always loved the pretty scrap rooms and wish mine was but I love it lots of room .thanks for looking

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