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Project - Old Junk *Text Path Challenge



hey stef....i just came across this layout when i did a search for text paths hoping for a tutorial! this is AWESOME! Love it! the rusty metal texture look of your frame is perfect for your LO. love the diamond shapes and how you placed the truck photo! just great! i share your love for the old, weathered look!

Steph - - This looks like my backyard. Just kidding.
Love the LO.

wow! love the texture on this! i really like the cut out diamonds (are they cut out really, or did you do that?) and the way your text fits inside. neat layout, i love old stuff too, just not in my house! much too contemporary for that.... <img border='0' src='/images/icons/wink.gif'>

I absolutely adore it (and finally, a great way to scrap old rusty photos)!

This is the coolest LO! I love the photos. What fun it must be to take them!

Stef, you have the coolest photos! You make me rethink photography. I really like what you did with this layout. (love the junkyard goat <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'> )

Project - Old Junk *Text Path Challenge
About this project

Project - Old Junk *Text Path Challenge
by stefdesign
posted 04/29/08 at 09:11 AM
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I decided to do my text in a shape this time. Journaling reads: “If it is weathered or rusty or chipped or aged or cracked or dull or faded or deteriorated or abandoned or worn or decrepit or is beat-up or old or ramshackle or decaying or crumbling then i love it.” I have been taking photos of old rusty & decaying junk for years… I guess it's the old hippie in me. I don't necessarily want it in my home, but I love the textures and patterns of the rusty & weathered. The photos on this layout were taken in a number of places: Eureka Springs, AR, Fredericksburg, TX and Ventura County, CA. Fonts are Shortcut & Old Typewriter.

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