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Project - Meet Jazzie *Digital Blending Challenge

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She looks pretty darned happy, and that cat looks like the silkiest bundle of fuzz!! Wonderful work on the background, Stef!

oooo, very cool.!!!!

Beautiful Mom and beautiful cat. The robe fabric is gorgeous - I wondered where the bg pp came from.

WOW! This has such a beautiful array of colors in it--it's mesmerizing...lvoe the pattern of the robe enmeshed here. Jazzie is gorgeous, too...her eyes look like blue marbles...and i love the way your title look embossed...a really snazzy LO!

Gorgeous cats - those blue eyes are kind of scary though. Love that you used the fabric of your mom's outfit for the background. Love it!

So cool Stef- your blending is fantastic!!! And goodness that's afluffy cat- it's adorable~!

Project - Meet Jazzie *Digital Blending Challenge
About this project

Project - Meet Jazzie *Digital Blending Challenge
by stefdesign
posted 09/11/08 at 11:56 PM
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My Mom recently acquired 2 new cats- Mother & Daughter Jasmine & Roxie. They are Himalayan cats, gorgeous but a bit shy. I managed to get a photo of Jazzie, but Roxie still hides under the bed when I come to visit. All 3 of these photos are of Jazzie.
I blended two pictures into the background- the background of the photo of my Mom, and a closeup of the cat in the background. I also used a hard light filter on the cat photo. Her eyes are not blended- I wanted them to pop. The background is a photo of the beautiful fabric of my Mom's robe- I thought the Oriental fabric went well with the exotic cat.
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