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Project - Hard Times *Digital Desaturation Challenge

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I'm impressed and fascinated, Stef! Beautiful historical page!

Love the muted antiqued colors with the pop of gold. Fascinating imagery!

Wow, it really looks aged! Great job as usual. It was interestig to see the color photo before you changed it.

very cool stef. my dh loves going to stuff like that. i like it most of the time. i love the frame, it looks like one my mom has of a confederate soldier that was some family member from long ago. you do such awesome work.

Project - Hard Times *Digital Desaturation Challenge
About this project

Project - Hard Times *Digital Desaturation Challenge
by stefdesign
posted 11/25/08 at 07:31 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Actually, I created this old photo effect with several techniques, everything from black & white, to tints to curves, and a little subtle erasing to pick up a teeny bit of color from the color photo layer beneath. I also desaturated about 50% the background layer.
This is from some photos I took at the Civil War reenactment. I imagined a soldier, at his desk, longing for his wife and family. The lyrics are from one of my favorite composers: Stephen Foster, whose songs were very popular during the Civil War.
Freebooter, Bertham, and Boutique Display Capitals fonts.

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