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Project - My Funny Valentines

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Sitting here with my mouth open trying to figure out how you did this. Amazing! I would absolutely swear this is not a digital layout. :-)

Awesome as usual...over the top...PolkaDotPixels should be deeply honored. However even using a kit, it still looks like you didn' and your 3D layouts. I can't even touch your talent, but I do admire it from afar.

Hey. Congrats on the GSO!

I just checked my pulse... yep. Still breathing.

Aw Stef. You are so funny. Your work is awesome wether it's all your own stuff or you've added in someone else's kits. This is amazing. I love your dimension and vintage valentine's are adorable. I'm asuming that some of those are from your own collection of vintage valentines.

I love your attention to detail! This is spectacular!

Project - My Funny Valentines
About this project

Project - My Funny Valentines
by stefdesign
posted 01/28/11 at 03:25 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This is my first, and most likely only, attempt at using a digital kit for a layout. I did it for an informal challenge on another forum, where the participants told me if I'd use a kit, they'd scrap a LO without one. I couldn't resist a challenge!
The valentines (except the 2 from the kit) are from my collection of vintage valentines.
Kit is 2Ps Love Actually by Polka Dot Pixels.
Fonts: WoodenNickelBlack & HutSutRalston. See if you can find the journaling!
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