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Project - Worn Out

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LMAOOOOOOO!!!! I love it! That shirt totally rox! The page is hilarious and I am very impressed by all the photos. But I have got to show my guys that shirt! My trek shirt is pretty ratty too.

Project - Worn Out
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Project - Worn Out
by DisneyDani
posted 07/10/08 at 08:36 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

My husband bought this shirt a year ago at the Star Trek store in Vegas and since he bought it he wears it ALL the time. Every time we go out he has this shirt on and I'm getting tired of looking at it and it makes it hard to pick pictures of him to scrapbook because he's always wearing the same thing so I have told him to put the shirt on hiatus and thought this would be a funny layout. I used We Re Memory Keeper Paper, Fastenator Staples, Paint Dabbers and I journalled on Autumn Leaves Acryllic Stamps.

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