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Project - Perfect Head Stand

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Love the colors!

Project - Perfect Head Stand
About this project

Project - Perfect Head Stand
by miracles_momma
posted 01/03/13 at 10:42 PM
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My oldest daughter is full of energy. We signed her up for gymnastics when she was little to try to help her put some of the energy to good use. She definitely did. My house turned into a gym full of back bends, kick overs, flips, cartwheels, and the pursuit of the PERFECT head stand. At one point she could stand on her head for five minutes without leaning on a wall. It always lasted until she caught the giggles and fell over. These photos are a real treasure to me. I'll always remember the way she giggled when she tipped over.

I used my Scraptastic Club January 2012 kit, add on, and stamp add on to make this page. The kit is called Days Of Our Lives and it's absolutely adorable. The colors are so fun and spunky!

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