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Project - my {happy} scraproom



I like the colors on the wall, and the stripes. Oh and your artwork.

Very nice.

Great room! So pretty &amp; organized. Love the glass desk top and acrylic stamps. Clever idea. tfs! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies/smile.gif'>

Very clever to use the underside of your glass desktop to stick your acrylic stamps too. Love that idea!

It's beautiful! The yellow is just a happy color. Way to go! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies/smile.gif'>

Love it!!! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies/smile.gif'>

Love your desk and how you are making it all your own.

Project - my {happy} scraproom
About this project

Project - my {happy} scraproom
by katiecupcake
posted 04/29/08 at 06:52 PM
Galleries: Scraprooms

We turned our guest room into my scrapbook room last night. It makes me happy!<br><br>
Picture 1: i'm a little obsessed with jars, notebooks, & my pink typewriter.
Picture 2: view when you walk into my scraproom<br>
Picture 3: my computer desk <br>
Picture 4: my superbot from bam pop, and the print that came with it<br>
Picture 5: the top shelf with paintings i've done<br>
Picture 6: my idea board<br>
Picture 7: where the magic is organized :)<br>
Picture 8: wonderful pictures from<br>
Picture 9: where i organize my alphabets<br>
Picture 10: where my paint is<br>
Picture 11: cardstock and PP from my favorite manufacturers<br>
Picture 12: i organized all my different colors of brads into jars.<br>
Picture 13: rub ons<br>
Picture 14: stickers/masks<br>
Picture 15: PP that is new that i'm playing with still, older PP, my husband's PP {he scraps sometimes too}, and PP i let people use when they come over<br>
Picture 16: acrylic stamps, 7 gypsies stamps
Picture 17: tools i use frequently<br>
Picture 18: where i keep other tools, ink pads<br>
Picture 19: acrylic stamps i use a lot or am currently using i stick to the underside of my desk, like these bam pop stamps.<br>
Picture 20: and, of course, a place for my sweet baby girl to play <br><br>
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