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Project - WSW14-Stamp-A-Dwelling

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What a great house! And great use of your stamps to come up with it! i love all your extra embellishments, the fence, the mushrooms and your little queen and knight!

This is totally fabulous! I hope you're planning to keep it as a permanent decoration and inspiration in your craft space. TFS. Daria


Oh my cute. Love your dwelling! The soft colors and texture make it fabulous.

Super card! I love your dwelling with the mushroom chimneys. Great job!

Oh you are so creative I would have never thought of using the stamps that way !!

LOL, Sadie! My first thot upon viewing was the nursery rhyme "there was a crooked man..."

I love what you built & really appreciate you sharing your thinking & how-tos! Wonderful, pal!

Project - WSW14-Stamp-A-Dwelling
About this project

Project - WSW14-Stamp-A-Dwelling
by CarefreeSadie
posted 06/19/14 at 10:23 PM
Galleries: Stamping, Cardmaking

I used some stamps I have that were originally supposed to be used as the under part of flower stamps. So I stamped a bunch of them in pumice stone distress ink and cut them out. Then I arranged them on my craft desk to get a feel of how they might fit together.

I made the background out of white cardstock and used green and a couple blues of distress ink to color it. I cut out a fence border and inked it.

Then I used pop dots and glue and stuck the cut out stamps down. Then I drew and colored windows and a door, cut them out, arranged them and glued them down. I used some acrylic paint and modeling paste to make dimension on the roof and a couple of the rocks.

Then I dug around in my stamps looking for something small enough to actually live in this house. I found a queen and knight which I stamped, colored, and cut out. Then I found some tiny mushrooms and stamped, colored, and cut them out for along the sides of the house.

Thank you for looking.

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