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Project - Went to a friend's wedding last weekend...



I shot in RAW so most of my adjustements were in RAW... I didn't doo much to them... I ran them through Noise Ninja though and sharpened them! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'> TFL!!

IBID--Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing the flash info. I got a Nikon 600 speedlight last Christmas and am only beginning yo use it. Did you post process at all? The colours pop so beautifully! Once again, TFS.

they are beautiful, great job!

Thanks, it helps a lot. I noticed from the nice shadowing that the flash was not straight on, and I was wondering whether you bounced it, or you had removed the flash from the camera.

The shots all looked so natural that I was also wondering if you got your metering right the first time, or you had to make several tries.

The photos are really wonderful. Much nicer than most wedding photos that I see.

These are lovely! Your lighting looks fantastic, and I love her cake and favours! Such a neat idea for a winter wedding!


I think you did a great job!! I love wedding candids- they have the most meaning!! I bet she will love these. Wonderful photos! !


Project - Went to a friend's wedding last weekend...
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Project - Went to a friend's wedding last weekend...
by ajarstar
posted 12/21/07 at 05:55 AM
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I brought my camera along to a friends wedding to see how I'd do shooting indoors in the evening. (I was just a guest) I used my 430EX speedlite. I thought it would be a fun learning excercise and the bride and groom got permission from their photog for me (and others) to take a few after she was done. I stayed out of her way though because I know how annoying that is, I took these after she left for the evening…. One of them is my DD. Thanks for looking, any HHCC??
most of these were shot at ISO 1600, f/4.0, ss 1/125 or f3.5 ss 1/200

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