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Project - Polaroid Interactive Card



I don't think it's available anymore.

What digital kit is this from? I've tried to find it and can't. Thanks!

Super cute!

@kharkov - Joscelyne did make a Polaroid card (loved it!). The Silhouette store has a few cameras like hers that you can download and cut. There are actually a lot of cards similar to this. To find some, try searching on Pinterest:

This card was inspired from the digital kit from Two Peas & my need to fit a sentiment on it.

I think you should give member joscie credit for inspiring this card. She won the Papercrafting Gallery Idol with it, which is a big deal to a lot of us papercrafters.

I've seen something just like this but the flash really 'popped' when you pulled out the picture.

Project - Polaroid Interactive Card
About this project

Project - Polaroid Interactive Card
by julie_stamps
posted 07/30/12
Galleries: Stamping, Cardmaking

This fun Polaroid image is part of a new digital kit here at Two Peas. But this camera holds more than meets the eye! If you pull down on the photo, the Polaroid picture slides down & the sentiment is revealed!

I used an exacto knife to cut a slit in the camera & inserted a Polaroid photo (part of Echo Park's Sweet Day collection).

The “Photo Enclosed” die cut use to be a light coral shade. I just sponged red ink over it & it instantly coordinated!
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