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Project - my awesome scrap space



LOL, I hear ya. My scrap space looks exactly the same.. except it looks like a tornado hit it hahahaha <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'> I literally have to skip over patterned paper and chipboard to get to bed!

I have sat at this computer for hours-on-end drooling over so many wonderful rooms...but none of them are ME. Thanks for putting it in prospective! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'>

<blockquote><HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'> Keepin' it real!!! I love it!!! <HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'></blockquote>



<blockquote><HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'> May I recommend to you what I just did myself in an attempt to get organized. I invested in a 7 tier caddy from Wal-mart, all of $18.88. I believe it is the &quot;Sterlite&quot; brand (less expensive than Rubbermaid). Has 3 large drawers on the bottom I used for paper, rubber stamps, etc., In the smaller drawers at the top is where I put punches, chalks, paints, etc. I labeled each drawer and I feel like everything is in easy reach. It is also on rollers which would work super on your hard floor! <HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'></blockquote>

I have this and it works wonders and stores quite a bit too!

you, and your scrap space, rock my world.

Hey, I never thought about keeping my stuff under the bed! Very creative. Although, my bed isn't high enough.

Haha, I never scrapped on my bed, but I did use a brown recliner and a side table for a loooong time!

Project - my awesome scrap space
About this project

Project - my awesome scrap space
by chelseamorning1224
posted 08/20/07 at 05:51 PM
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this is where the magic happens<br>

all of my junk is stored nicely under my bed. the first item is a stack of patterned paper. all my embellishments are nicely jumbled in a cardboard box. my alphas are next in line, stored neatly in a random stack in part of an organizational cabinet. in the white plastic container are all of my tools and other essentials. then we have all of my foam stamps, and finally a broken container full of cardstock and paper scraps. my trash can is a very stylish target plastic bag that hangs conveniently from my bedpost.
the second picture is a close-up of my scrapping surface, a lovely hardwood floor. my scrapping seat is a nice brown pillow that i purchased at walmart.

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