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Project - Official 2013 July Tag Swap

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I Love the way the stars from the focal star scatter into the BG! Excellent job in every way!

This is a fun tag that I received form Marshia! The star reminds me of a sugar cookie! yummy! and I like the silver stars in the BG as well as the way you did the stripes!

Good job!

Wonderful tag!! Sorry you had trouble with it, I think the end result came out great! Love the big star. Such a patriotic tag! TFS and swapping:-)

Marshia if you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't know you had any problems. Your tag looks good to me. The paste star kind of looks like a sugar cookie with sprinkles on it.

I really like this, but I understand that it was quite a process! lol. I like your overall design a lot. The stripes of paper give such a good base for the rest of the stamping and the paste star. The tag overall has just the right amount of white, imo. TFS!

Project - Official 2013 July Tag Swap
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Project - Official 2013 July Tag Swap
by eagertoretire
posted 07/08/13 at 03:38 PM
Galleries: Stamping, Cardmaking

This tag was made for Melissa. As I mentioned in an earlier post I had lots of issues getting it done. The first attempt the stenciled star was so rough that it looked like I threw the stencil paste at the tag. LOL. Then I decided I wanted the vertical row of stars under the paste star so I started over laying the stripe first. The stencil paste got me again because just before it dried completely I put my fat finger in the wet paste, back to square one. Finally past the stenciling part I decided to impress additional stars into the star and add embossed stars to the tag. The embossing powder stuck everywhere! It must have been the humidity. I thought I'd gotten all the stray powder but when I heated it clearly I hadn't. Then I decided to add color to the impressed stars and that ink spread into the paste. let me just say, not my best work but I honestly gave it every bit of time and effort AND I learned lots of lessons.

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