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Project - halloween at the welters

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Project - halloween at the welters
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Project - halloween at the welters
by cynthias
posted 07/28/09 at 06:03 PM
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had a great time decorating my in-laws house for halloween. Sis bought a bunch of stuff including 2 life size skeletons…we put one on the porch with a dagger through his heart, and put the other one in the inside room off the front porch. The one inside is also a pirate skeleton, we gave him a pirate hat, belt, and put him in front of a keyboard ala Pirates of the Caribbean.

album info: front and back covers were cut from old cardboard boxes and decorated. I made the pages random sizes so that they would overlap each other randomly, giving more depth to the album. The pirate face with the bit flocked web over it: the web is fabric that I cut and stapled over the pirate face picture. I don't like my handwriting so I let the pictures tell the story, I think I have writing on only 1 or 2 pages

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