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Project - 2012 : captured // june guest

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Project - 2012 : captured // june guest
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Project - 2012 : captured // june guest
by scrappyJedi
posted 06/15/12 at 09:08 AM
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For Lisa Truesdell's June Document 2012 class ( []

It just so happened that the fabulous Studio Calico stamp set that's exclusive to 2Peas landed on my doorstep right as I was getting ready to make this particular week's layout. I love using versatile stamps with common phrases, quotes, and reusable icons and images in my Project Life albums. If you find one or a few stamp sets you can use over and over and invest in a small array of ink and embossing powder colors, you can really stretch those stamps and make them coordinate with whatever supplies you happen to be using for a given week!

I tend to keep it simple when stamping on my Project Life pages. I turn to stamps when I need a small accent or when I feel like a spot needs a little “something” to finish it off. Usually I can find exactly what I need in my stamp collection!

This month's focus is also on what to do when you don't have many photos for a given week. While it may look like I have a lot of photos on my page (and, okay, I really do), you might be surprised to know that all but four of them were taken on the same day. This was one of those weeks where I simply neglected to take photos all week, but on Saturday (I run my weeks Sunday-Saturday) we were all go-go-go, and I took TONS of photos. And, I'll admit, I took a lot of those photos because I knew I'd slacked off earlier in the week. So don't think it has to be a photo a day- if you tend to do most of your activities on a single day during the week, it's totally cool for your week to consist mainly of photos from that one day!

If you find yourself with almost no photos at all for a week, you can also take a bunch of “establishing” shots that show what your house, yard, or neighborhood look like right now and use those photos for your week. Establishing shots (those overall shots of cities, buildings, parks, etc. that you often see opening a scene in a movie or television show) are no less a part of your life than pictures of your activities. After all, you do live with and look at this stuff every day!

Another way of filling up those page protectors on weeks with few photos is to include “stuff” like receipts, product packaging, brochures, snippets of mail, printed emails, gift wrap, clothing tags…or pretty much anything! I had an extra pocket left for this week, so I cut out part of the packaging from a new brand of beer my husband was trying out and stuck it in a 4x6 pocket.
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