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Project - NSD 11AM Layout : Costume Gallery



Love your design, the 2-page multi-photo design and that you used such cool, quirky photos! Great inspiration for a single, childless, nerdy gal like me. :)

Love how you used the background stamp, looks great. It's nice to see so many photos across the layout too, great!

I love how you used the photo reel and arrow with the multiple photo spread! Definitely lifting this, thanks!

Great 2-page layout. Love the layers.

Love your use of embellishments!

love it!! and love that it's a 2 pager! Thanks!!

Project - NSD 11AM Layout : Costume Gallery
About this project

Project - NSD 11AM Layout : Costume Gallery
by scrappyJedi
posted 05/04/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Today is such a fun day all around for me, since it's both National Scrapbooking Day and Star Wars Day! In celebration of that and of May's theme of “Photos”, I thought a layout with lots of pictures of costumes from the only Star Wars convention that I go to (once every two years) would be fitting for the day!

I also pulled out a photo-themed Hero Arts stamp to use, and I put together a quick photo tutorial (you can see the three photos for it in the images above) showing how I put background stamps to use on my layouts.

Background stamps can be a little intimidating with those big blocks of pattern, and instead of using them front and center on a page, I tend to use them to add an extra layer of depth to my layering (much like you might use a misting mask), with the added bonus that they add absolutely no bulk!

I start by inking up the stamp a bit haphazardly so that the pattern has an organic look when it's stamped off. I like using smaller, non-square inkpads such as ColorBox Cat's Eyes or Prima's chalk inkers for this since they don't add any straight lines to the inking, and I don't go all the way out to the edge of the stamp (again, to avoid any straight lines). If you're using a larger inkpad, it's also easy to go back in with a baby wipe and remove some of the ink to rough up the edges a bit.

For this particular layout, I already knew where my paper and photos were going to go, so I made some very light pencil marks for where I wanted to stamp, snapped a quick photo of the page with my phone, and then removed everything and stamped away! I don't use a block with these big stamps and simply lay them on my layout and press down. It's perfectly fine if I stamp several times and have overlapping images in the middle since I only let that overlap occur where I know it will be covered by papers and photos.

Once everything is added back onto the layout, you can only see tiny bits of the background design peeking through, just as if you were using a misting mask under your photos!

You can see another example of how I use background stamps in this layout [], and there's also a video in that gallery entry so you can see the process in action.
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