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Project - Summer Theme : Simple Stories Vacation Album




This is great! Thanks for sharing. I am using this same line for our recent trip to Europe. I did my travel itinerary in an snap album with the 6x8 paper. Now that I'm home, I'm incorporating those pages into my 12x12 album with the photos and stories of all of our adventures.

Great travel album. I've been to the DR myself so this brings back a lot of memories. Love how you collaborated with your husband on this and appreciate your tips on putting something like this together. One last thing. THAT spider. O.o !!!!!

Fantastic album I like how it all goes together and tells it's own story

love the clean and simple style of your album, thanks for the inspiration

Your album is so fun! Thanks for the tips as well!

Project - Summer Theme : Simple Stories Vacation Album
About this project

Project - Summer Theme : Simple Stories Vacation Album
by scrappyJedi
posted 07/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

**Note: when I started this project, the Simple Stories 12x12 albums and page protectors were projected to be in the shop by the first of July. They've been slightly delayed until the middle of the month, but they are definitely on the way!

For my Garden project this month I chose to do something besides the usual whitespace, slightly misty/messy layout that I normally make. It's summer here in the US, and I'm guessing that many of you are either making plans to travel or perhaps are already back home from your adventures, and I decided to scrap my own latest vacation in Simple Stories format to hopefully inspire and encourage you to go ahead and get those memories into an album. It can be easy to let the sheer number of photos that you take on vacation be overwhelming, and I was determined not to let that happen with this trip!

My finished project is 56 total pages (not all are shown here since the gallery has a 20 photo limit) and contains more than 300 photos, plus the entire story of our trip to the Dominican Republic last December (which wasn't technically summer, but it was still sunny and hot!). I worked on this album in stages, first printing all of the photos, then adding the journaling and filler cards, and then finally going back and adding some bits of embellishment.

I worked with the new Simple Stories 12x12 Pocket Pages + their Urban Traveler collection (with a bit of Sn@p thrown in), and for the most part kept my photo sizes the same as their pocket pages, with the vast majority of my photos being 4x6 or 3x4. The album is intentionally simple to allow the photos and words to take center stage, and Simple Stories' matched collections of cards and embellishments made it really easy to fill in any blank spots that didn't have any photos or journaling.

A few quick tips for those of you putting together a similar album:
  • Working in stages like I did made it easy to plan and put the album together in little chunks of time here and there. An album like this is much faster than scrapping single pages, but still takes time. A plan of attack will go a long way toward keeping things manageable!
  • You can economize your supplies by letting the backs of cards and patterned papers show through the page protector pockets where appropriate. It's like getting two cards out of one, and as a bonus you don't have to go through the process of choosing another card fr that side of the page.
  • Need tips on printing photos at sizes smaller than 4x6, but still being able to send them off to a developer? I've linked up a video from my portion of the Two Peas Project Life series that shows how I do this with Lightroom.
  • I've also linked in a video that shows how to print on journaling cards (for cards longer than 8.5x11, be sure to use legal paper as a carrier sheet!).
  • Keep things simple! I intentionally didn't embellish my album much- I was more concerned with simply getting the story of our trip told. I did add in some chipboard and stickers from the Urban Traveler in a few spots, but with so many great filler cards (not to mention busy photos!) on the spreads, I didn't want to overwhelm things.
  • If you haven't taken your trip yet, consider carrying a small notebook or journal to write in every day or two. My husband and I both wrote in a travel journal daily during this trip, and when it was time to put the album together I simply transcribed straight from that journal and into my album.
  • If it helps, don't worry about having the specific sections of story line up with specific sections of photos. Since my husband and I both wrote about our days separately, it would have been nearly impossible for me to do so! Instead, I simply made sure that each day's journaling was included somewhere in the section with the photos from that day. Sometimes the photos for a specific paragraph are a few pages before or after the words, but never far away and it made things so much easier!

I definitely plan to also scrapbook some individual layouts from this trip, but I'm also really happy to have it all together in one album. My husband is also a big fan of this format (my Project Life albums are some of his favorites to look at and read through), so it also ensures that my scrapbooks contain a little bit of something that everyone likes to look at!

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