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Project - The Peahen's Secret * Pub Challenge

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This is incredible - all the blending and brushwork. Beautiful! Peacocks are amazing animals - so beautiful, but they make the most raucous ugly sound! Lucky our pages are not yet multimedia!

The colors are gorgeous....PURE BEAUTY!

GREAT work!!!! i love your use of elements and paper/color/texture choice to go with the peacock. this is eye candy!

Hey, I wanna look THAT good. Peacocks are hip and in. They could be the next big thing, Heather! You are a girl ahead of your time.

Holy Smokes, this is over the top gorgeous. I love the rich striking colors and the photo is so beautiful. You did an amazing job on the pub ad challenge.

Geez Louise Heather... this is truly a work of art! LOVE the photo, the way it just subtly blends with the background, the cool font work. If I hadn't seen the Ad I would never have thought it was an Ad Pub challenge... too unique!

Project - The Peahen's Secret * Pub Challenge
About this project

Project - The Peahen's Secret * Pub Challenge
by heather*t
posted 08/12/08 at 11:17 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

For the 2Peas Pub challenge this week, as well as for Designer Digitals Just My Type Challenge this week (using a font whose name matches some part of your layout: mine's Splendid Ornamenty). Credits: 2 background papers by 3 Pixel Chicks (Chickita Designs, Seasonal Canvases: Watercolors). Several brushes: Sunprint Stamps by Katie Pertiet; Flowerpatch and Swirls V. 3 by Rhonna Farrer.
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