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Project - No. More. Pictures!

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how DO you do it????
every single thing you create i just LOVE!!!!!
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Really nice work, perfect for this photo.

This is beautiful heather!
the colors are so vibrant!

WOW!!! I love the mystical feel to it. Its fanastic!

Love those rich mystical gothic elements with the forest background in the photo.

And he really means it too. I guess we would all get tired of being photographed. Love how you put all the stuff together.

Project - No. More. Pictures!
About this project

Project - No. More. Pictures!
by heather*t
posted 08/29/08 at 02:20 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I feel slightly guilty, I guess. 0=)

Credits: Everything from 2Peas (this is for the kit challenge, obviously ;). Rhonna Farrer's Vintage Photo Tool Kit 2 (grunge texture on left side, and various brushes in the background), her Back To School kit (arrow, little owl, paper clipped to alpha, and frame), and her Swirls V. 14 (the big swooshy swirls on the right there). Cherie Mask's star paper from the Museum Papers is giving the darker corners and edges. Font: 2Peas Playground.
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