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Project - Robbie

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I love the stream of consciousness journaling, so effective. What a beautiful dog!

The dog just is so gorgeous and love how you emphasized that by colorizing him and leaving the background B&W...great job on blending the photo into the background and the color title adds just the right amount of punch. I like the layout but I want the dog...LOL

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This is gorgeous ~ fabulous selective colouring! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

Wow, beautiful dog &amp; exquisite layout! Love the bright punch of color in the title, with the soft, subtle photos.

Project - Robbie
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Project - Robbie
by heather*t
posted 04/17/09 at 01:44 PM
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We had a wonderful couple of hours yesterday at an unnamed beach north of Seal Rock where there's an exposed agate bed (i.e., you can find tiny bits – the size of a pea, or a lump of butter if you're lucky – of agates amongst the gravel). This is the Sheltie of the friend who showed me where the bed was. Such a sweet, old doggie!

Credits: Everything Designer Digitals (inspired by an IdeaBooks4U blog entry). Background by Katie Pertiet for a Color Challenge (021509). Letters filled by: “r” - Katie Pertiet, Botanical Fusion; “o” - Katie Pertiet, Buttoned Up Love; “b” - Anna Aspnes, Something Springy; “b” - Lynn Grieveson, Breezy Flowers; “i” - crochet flower by Patti Knox, Everyday Inspiration Challenge (030109); and “e” - Katie Pertiet, Digitally Pressed Flowers. Font: VTPortableRemingon. Journaling reads: “. agate hunting . a good friend . castenholz . how about this one . cracked bucket . shifting sands . tide’s coming in . wet pants . world’s smallest fossil . one foot territory . crow babies . weathered stumps . cracked rock . a day in the sun . good times . new beach . what speed limit . thank you . ”

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