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Project - need help decorating my slanted wall



A friend of mine has a slanted wall in her office and she uses a large piece of metal squares. The squares are about the size of that metal shelving for kids rooms that shapes into squares and you put baskets or milk crates in that that they sell at Target. I have seen bigger pieces in stores too but I am not sure where you'd get it. She has that hooked to the slanted wall on top and bottom and then she uses small clothes pins or binder clips to hook pictures and other meaningful things to them. It actually is pretty cool. Is kinda along the lines of a bulletin board but much cooler. And then she changes her stuff easily when she gets bored with it.

above your desk that would be a great place for inspiration board if you don't have one. It would be out of your way plus u can glance up. That's one idea.

Project - need help decorating my slanted wall
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Project - need help decorating my slanted wall
by pitje
posted 06/18/10 at 02:55 AM
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In the right corner is my desk (along the whole wall) my computer is at the slanted side.
besides the window on both sides are white spaces that need something and also the The large area below the window. The only thing I can come up with is a quote but that only covers one part and I do want to have balance between them aswell. Can enyone help me with some inventive ideas please.
You can watch the rest of my room here at two peas aswell

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