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Project - Princess Haddie



Such a whimsical LO! LOL!! Love the circles at the bottom. She is such a special dog!! Give her a big hug for me.

The journaling just makes me smile - love that it's from the dog's perspective! The circles are seriously cute - love the pink & orange combo!

This is the best dog LO! Your journaling describes perfectly how pets have a way of worming there way steadfastly into our hearts. Your extraction is great and love the photo title!

OMG!! GF this is to the journaling from the dog's point of view its just so her personality coming threw..

I love a good dog lo! Priceless. Love the journaling, and great job on the extraction and the title/photos.

Oh, the journaling is priceless! I love those hand-drawn circles, too!

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Project - Princess Haddie
About this project

Project - Princess Haddie
by Aussiekat
posted 05/22/08 at 10:31 AM
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Journaling Reads:

Sleep on the blanket on the floor? Sleep in my crate? Oh no, I couldn't possibly do that. The couch is much more to my liking, thank you.

Why, thank you for letting me on the bed in the mornings. I really do enjoy our time together. However, I must point out that I do not sleep at the foot of the bed. I sleep where you do, using the pillows.

Step outside, in the rain, to do my business? You're kidding, right? I'll wait, for 12 hours, if I have to. It's not raining any more? But the grass is wet - and that means my feet will get wet. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll wait.

In less than a month, you've worked your way into our hearts. Already, we can't imagine our family without you. Princess you may be - but you're our princess, and that's the way it's going to stay.

Credits: Perfect Pet kit by Rhonna Farrer (2Ps) - recolored; Pixie Props and Mischief by Tia Bennett (2Ps) - recolored; fonts Arial Narrow (journaling), Bernard Condensed and Impact (titles).
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