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Project - Missing - December 6



Beautiful layout and a wonderful tribute.

Oh dear, he has such a wonderful face - his eyes look so kind and I can see the mischief in them. You look a lot like him you know! Beautiful tribute page.

Your layout is beautiful, Katherine! What a sweet tribute to your dad. Hugs to you.

*hugs* I did a tribute page today as well, and cried through it. My grandpa was like a dad to me (didn't really have a stable one ever) and this is our first Christmas without him... very close to the first anniversary of losing him and it's so hard.

Very beautiful tribute page.

My dad was a big jokester...I relate to the present within a present and have been known to do that myself, in fact I might just do that this year and make it a treasure hunt for my boys...what a great idea. My dad's been gone for 20 years this year and he loved Christmas, so I think I'll follow suit and make a memorial page. TFS

Wonderful LO Kat. It must be so hard, I know I would miss my Dad terribly. Great photo and I love that you were able to focus on the fun that he brought to your holiday.

Project - Missing - December 6
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Project - Missing - December 6
by Aussiekat
posted 12/06/09 at 01:41 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

*sigh* A hard page to do today - I miss my Dad terribly at this time of the year - he was such a prankster. Credits below.
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