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Project - Erica's Scrap Room



Would you please share with me the name and brand of your paint color? I've gone to every store I can think of trying to find it!

thank you!

Your room is beautiful. I love that black cabinet you have - where did you get it? I'd love to get one for my room!

Your room is gorgeous! I love it!

love your space. the color is my favorite. lovely. thanks for sharing

Thanks, girls!
Joscie, you are welcome to come over whenever you want! :D
Chris, I have the Robin's Egg blue Slice. I actually took the packaging with me to the store to find a paint chip! LOL! ps-You can come over whenever you want, too!
Sharl, The cubes behind my desk are actually the Jetmax cubes. I think they discontinued the glass door ones though.

What a beautiful, organized space! The color is so soothing!

Project - Erica's Scrap Room
About this project

Project - Erica's Scrap Room
by PeaLegs
posted 04/05/10 at 05:36 PM
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Here are some pics of one side of my scrap room. There's a huge (multi-post) explanation of the pics on my blog, here's a link to the scrap room posts only. []
I made my own Pottery Barn-esque scrap table with Ikea Expedits and the help of my neighbor.
My scrap room is actually the master bedroom of our home. The previous owners of our home remodeled and when they added on the master suite, they included a 155 square foot master closet. Now, I don't have that many clothes but I do have that much scrap stuff! LOL!
I'm going to try to get the rest of the pics to show up on another post, if you have any questions, fire away and I'll do my best to answer them.
Thanks for looking!

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