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Project - { My New Scrap Room }



so organized and clean looking

I love your room! Where did you get that huge desk?

I too store my ctmh stamps in canvas bins from bed, bath and beyond. They work great!

your welcome Jenny...yes...i love ballard designs, I knew I saw it somewhere..couldn't place it though. Enjoy your new space.


Just gorgeous!

Jenny - I love your new room! It's awesome.

great room, I would love to know where you got the stamp pad holder. Could you p-mail me that info?

Project - { My New Scrap Room }
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Project - { My New Scrap Room }
by JennyF
posted 08/05/06 at 02:04 PM
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Here is my “new” scrap room. The only thing that is technically new, is the space and the setup, and the computer desk. I moved my old scrap rm across the hallway to the much larger guest bedroom. What was I thinking giving guests the larger room?! LOL.

Pic 1 - here is entering my scrap rm, I set up the 3 desks to form an L so I have TONS of room to spread out!
Pic 2 - looking down the L of the desk, I face towards the window, so I have lots of natural light.
Pic 3 - A close-up of my desk space where I scrap. I found the ink pad tower online to hold my many inkpads.
Pic 4 - the other end of my desk.
Pic 5 - close-up of my 4 Ikea drawers. I painted them white and super glued 7 Gypsies cardholders (small) on the drawer fronts.
Pic 6 - close-up of the tall bookcase I have at the end of my desk to house all my little stuff and wood stamps. I covered the drawer fronts of the top 6 sterlite drawers in some of my favorite fabric. And I spray painted the bottom 4 drawers in white paint (the kind for plastic). The cream canvas bins on the smaller bookcase on the desk, I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and they house my collection of CTMH stamps. The canvas bins also come in red, kelly green, and a striped pattern.
Pic 7 - my Target cubes, which are hidden behind the door as you enter the room. These were probably my 1st organizational purchase, and I still love them. Although I am seriously lusting over the Ikea Expedite bookcase!!
Pic 8 - a close-up of my scrappin' caddy, that sits at the head of my desk and where I keep all my important tools…including my ATG 714 tape gun!
Pic 9 & 10 - I found this Kolo album to keep my ever growing sketch collection in. If I need to expand the book, I just use larger rings.
Pic 11 - The other corner of my room, which serves as the “office”. I bought the Trestle desk online at Target and put it together all by myself because I'm stubborn…and my husband was at work and I couldn't wait!
Pic 12 - my OLD scrap rm, and what is now the “new” guest bedroom. Although I liked my old space, I was feeling a little closed in by all my STUFF! And I had no room to spread out. But it was a good “starter” room.

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