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Project - Mono Lake - 5 Things



Great framing, love the bird sitting on the O!

Fantastic job! Beautiful colors and photo! The frames is a totally awesome effect!

Fabulous, clever framing!

Project - Mono Lake - 5 Things
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Project - Mono Lake - 5 Things
by tylertooo
posted 12/14/12 at 11:42 AM
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I have fallen in love with The Eastern Sierras, and although I doubt we will retire to California, my dream would be to build a home on the shores of this lake. It takes my breath away when I see it, maybe because I know some of its history.
5 Things:
1. I love that the area around the lake is not heavily populated.
2. Although I do not like the cold winters of the area, the beauty is so breath-taking, that I would overlook the cold, and live on its shores in a moment’s notice!
3. I adore the ever-changing colors of the water and earth, and the gorgeous cloud formations of the area.
4. I feel so at home and at ease in the area and love learning about the vast history of the Eastern Sierras .
5. I love that the lake has a special ecosystem like no other I know, and although it has high chemicals not great for us to swim in, some species seem to thrive on what the lake has to offer. It has the largest population of California gulls, and is an important nesting ground for the birds.
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