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Project - A Very Special Gift


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Project - A Very Special Gift
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Project - A Very Special Gift
by tylertooo
posted 12/18/12 at 02:01 PM
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Journaling reads: It hadn’t been more than a year since Grandma had her stroke. She hated being unable to do what she wanted, being confined to a wheelchair, but knowing how much Rachel loved Baby BeBop, somehow, she managed to get her a Baby BeBop Backpack for Christmas. Rachel was thrilled, however, I think Grandma Edith was even more thrilled that despite her confinement, she was able to get that special gift for Rachel. I believe the bigger gift was the delight on Grandma’s face, for I think for a second, she forgot about the stroke and her inability to do many of the everyday things she used to be able to do, and was lost in the special moment of Christmas Day.
By Anna Aspnes:
Snow Day Layered template
ArtPlay Solids Christmas Nostalgia
Nostalgia WordTransfers No. 1
ArtPlay Palette Christmas Nostalgia 1
Glitter AlphaNumberSet No. 3
Christmas WordTransfers No. 2
ArtPlay Palette Heraldry
ArtPlay Palette Santa Nicholas Add-On
ArtPlay Palette Santas Elf
ArtPlay Palette Shabby Christmas
ArtPlay Palette Sweet Christmas
LoopDaLoop Artstrokes No. 4
MultiStitched by Anna Red/White No. 1
Warm Glows No. 1
Betwined by Amy Martin
Fonts: Jenna Sue, I’m fashionista

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