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Project - New Heights


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I like how you used the frames for the tree photo! wonderful page!

Project - New Heights
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Project - New Heights
by tylertooo
posted 01/02/13 at 12:12 AM
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Journaling reads: Every Christmas, Rachel would ask to use the ladder for the very high ornaments and the angel on the top of the tree. I had always told her she was much too young for her over-protective mom to allow her to use the ladder. Finally, at age 11, I told her she could place the angel on the very top. I stood there taking this picture, so concerned she might fall, but she was so proud to finally be able to use that ladder, and was all smiles at this milestone. I had to keep telling myself I was just way too over-protective, and that she would be careful. She still talks about it today, as a special time where she placed the angel on the very top, and how I stressed way too much!
by Anna Aspnes:
Artsy Layered Template No. 80
ArtPlay Palette Night Before Christmas
Acrylic Christmas No. 1
Glitter AlphaNumberSet No. 5
Christmas WordSheets No. 1
ScriptTease Christmas Overlays No. 2
12x12 Artist Edges Overlays No. 6
ArtPlay Palette Snow Fun
By Katie Pertiet:
Messy Stamped Alpha No. 3
Font: pea sam

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