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Project - winter fairy



This is beautiful! Great job!


Thanks I took the shot with my digital camera its a nikon coolpix 4800 It takes awesome pictures... you have to be fast with kids... then i just added the brushes and what ever effects that I thought would look good.. then I made a second copy and added a blur about 20 and then changed the hue and saturation to 35 and 12 then changed it to multiply setting and merged the pictures together.. Make another copy and go to screen and thats it... I lighted it up a bit.. but really love the way it looks like she on a cloud.. so soft... I'm new at this still learning.. Have to say that I'm very addicted to making these pictures.. already called my sister's little girl to come over to do more...

I really like that! You must have had to really bribe her with something great to get her to do that. LOL How did you get the soft, glowing look of the picture? I love it!

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This is amazing. Please do share how you accomplished this shot. It's UNBELIEVEABLY STUNNING!

It did turn out beautiful, I love the brushes you used on it. TFS.

Oh my gosh how beautiful this is.

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Project - winter fairy
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Project - winter fairy
by marinae
posted 01/14/08 at 04:25 PM
Galleries: Photography

I just took this picture of my daughter.. It took some bribing to get her to go outside with out a coat…I think it turned out beautiful…cc always welcome…

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