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Project - Remember


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This page is just beautiful and your journaling is wonderful. What a beautiful tribute to your Aunt.

Project - Remember
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Project - Remember
by yamrector2
posted 09/15/09 at 10:33 AM
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I don’t have a lot of pictures of my aunt Aida and her husband Felipe, she died pretty young and I was a child…but I do remember her essence and the tremendous influence she had in me. She was kind, she was caring, she was loving, she was extremely devoted to the people she loved, specially my grandmother. I still can feel her unconditional love to me, I can feel her love surrounding me. My father, her brother was a very temperamental man, and he was quiet violent to me in some occasions, my mom was working, I can’t say I had a happy childhood. This is why I guess my grandmother and my aunt Aida were so crucial in my life, on those years- they gave me the love, the care and the feeling of being safe that I was missing and so desperately needed.
I will always be thankful and cherish her memory with love!
Papers from the Spot color Paper pack2 by Jen allyson @2 peas in a bucket
Flairs from the Fall Jamboree Fall flair by Jen Allyson @ 2peas in a bucket
Round Wa by Jen Allyson “Word Rounds” @ 2 peas in a bucket
Overlay by Jen Allyson from the Adorn Collection “Antique it”
Frame: Curled photo frames by Mary Ann wise
WA Unconditional love fropm the Pet WA pack & Remember WA from the Handwritten words by Mary Ann Wise
Pin by Mary Ann Wise from Antique Attachments
Stitches by Mary Ann Basic Stitches #1
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