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Project - SEP 26, 2009


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love this!!! love the photos in the cicles and how you added the little tree things to the top of the title

Project - SEP 26, 2009
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Project - SEP 26, 2009
by yamrector2
posted 09/30/09 at 07:37 PM
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It’s a sad day for me mixed with the happiness of being published today with 18 LO’s and most of all- being on the cover of the SNR magazine…It makes me feel SO good! But also today my big brother started his way back to the country he is living with his family and that it’s very sad for me…sad because he have been pretty sick lately and I am afraid for his life and I am afraid I may not see him again. I know I should not think negatively, but I am sad…what is helping me to stay sane is the recognition I am getting later as a Digital Artist, it’s the first time I feel I am being good on something, and for the first time in my life, I feel proud of myself. So, this is a very emotional day for me and I am jumping from being goofy, hopeful and happy to being down, sad and hopeless…
….and NO! I am not suffering from Manic- Depression! at least not all the time :)

Everything by Jen Allyson @ 2 peas in a bucket from the Spot Color Collection
Papers: Cool colors paper pack 1
Round WA & border from the Word rounds pack
Titles WA from the Title spots
Bird & branch stamp from the Bird Branch stamps pack
Date stamp from the Date Stamps pack from the Cool colors
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