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You are such a good daughter. Your mom is lucky to have you. Your journaling brought tears to my eyes. It's sad that I don't expect my child to care for me when I'm old, and I honestly don't know if I can care for my mom like how you care for yours. There are so many selfish people in the world, including myself, and it warms my heart and soul seeing that there's someone like you out there.

Hope your mother keeps recovering. I wonder if she'll enjoy iPad?

This is really beautiful. Your journaling is so touching. What a gift to have documented this. Really beautiful!

Beautiful... thank you so much for sharing.

Just incredible. This is life. Your journaling and photos are beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your story :) Love it!

Amazing journaling! And stunning page. I am all teary-eyed, this is lovely!

stunning in so many ways heather. you are a wonderful person, i'm touched by your attitude.

This brings tears to my eyes. What a moving page! And I love the monochromatic design.

So touching and beautiful. Bless you and your Mom. TFS.

What beautiful journalling - you are both lucky to have this time together and hopefully it will continue for you.

Lovely page.

I read what you wrote and it makes me cry. I care for my father. He is also in a home, in a wheel chair. He needs people to change him and bath him. He is alone except for the music he listens to everyday. If I stop to think about where his life is today, I can't help but cry. As I am now. I am lucky too to have this special time with him. I also consider myself lucky because at 87, I know time is short. I think you must be a wonderful daughter, too. It shows in what you wrote and the pictures you took. Your mom is also lucky to have you. We don't stop to think of what we are doing, we just "do it" because it is the right thing to do for the parent who took such good care of us and made us the adults we are today. Best wishes to you. Thank you for sharing. Tracy

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