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Project - Just look At us


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Love this layout but your journaling is inspirational and a testimony to those saidI sacred vows...for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health. Thank you for sharing!

Project - Just look At us
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Project - Just look At us
by HeatherPrinspea
posted 02/24/12 at 09:30 PM
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A little anniversary layout
While I was looking for another photo, I came across these old ones. The top one was taken about six months after we were married and is one of my favorite photos of us ever. I stared at it for a moment and let the memories of that day flood me. This was the day, actually the exact moment that we were discussing starting a family (unbeknownst to his Dad who snapped the pic). We were so young and full of dreams. We had no idea the hills we were about to climb, the losses we would suffer and the pain we would have to endure. We were so in love, and still are, just as much as then if not more. I was meant for you. Of this I am sure. We have lost friends, battled Cancer and won, have had financial struggles but somehow we have made it through. And we have been blessed with incredible children and beautiful, happy memories of a life full of love. I would like to say I wouldn’t change a thing, but that isn’t true, I would have changed the battle with cancer and the money troubles that resulted for sure. I would love to have our friends that we lost back, oh we miss them so, still. And if all of those trials were to make us stronger, then I don’t want to know what for, we’ve been through enough, thank you very much. I do know that I am glad I went through it all with you. 19 years married, 25 years together, still acting like two crazy kids in love.

Anna Aspnes/Vinnie Pearce Collab
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