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Project - Seeing Them

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This is so cute! I love that there is a lot of photos and I love how you blended everything.

I love the title! The mix of cursive and caps looks awesome. Cute photos. :)

Project - Seeing Them
About this project

Project - Seeing Them
by HeatherPrinspea
posted 03/19/13 at 03:05 PM
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With this layout I began with a template. I clipped my photos to the masks in the frames on the left side. On the right side of my layout, I didn?t like the boundry of the fotomask, so I simply colored the mask pink and added another mask on top, which I then clipped my photo to. I did this by first selecting the layer in the layers palette, clicking the lock icon above the layers, then using my eyedropper tool, I selected the pink tone from her sleeper & clicked the brush tool and painted the mask! I repeated this process for a texture brush and a paint layer of the template. I also clipped a chevron paper to one of the mask layers, just picking up more colors from my photos as I go. For the background layer I wanted a pop of coIor and a contrast to the pink of her sleeper in the photograph so I chose a patterned paper from APP Embrace Life. I love how all of Anna?s patterned papers are a work of art themselves and add so much to each layout! I also added some Script Tease text to ground my photo arrangement. I didn?t want to add any more color so I colored it the exact color as the background paper using the (technique above) then changed the blending mode to multiply. I finished off my layout with a title and journaling.

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