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Project - Good boy

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Project - Good boy
About this project

Project - Good boy
by HeatherPrinspea
posted 03/19/13 at 03:06 PM
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Process | The first thing I did with this template was hide all the frames, tape & staples. That left me with the background layer and a few masks. I rotated the template to the left. Next added my photos to the masks that remained. Then I added the background paper. I slipped a doily Frame transfer under the main center photo, then added another transfer from APP Baby to the bottom of the right photo. I changed the blend mode on that to multiply. Next I brought back the main large mask & shadow of the template. I enlarged it to fit over my center photo. Then I duplicated the masks, the resized the duplicate slightly smaller. I selected the duplicate (brought up the marching ants by clicking the icon of that layer in the layers palette and pressing command key) then deleted the layers beneath it (the original mask and the shadow layer) to create a frame. I changed the frame color to brown. Next i added a few overlays, nrushes and embellishments to complete the layout.

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