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Project - desire



beautiful!! I love your journaling too - so heartfelt!

LOVE this!

Wow this is such a cool page!! I thought it was digital at first! Very cool!

Project - desire
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Project - desire
by ElizabethHellum
posted 03/27/11 at 08:54 AM
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Did this one for the newest Creative Scrappers sketch #149! TFL.

Journaling: I can't tell you how long this has been a dream of mine. You cannot even imagine growing up how I would watch people play the drums and want, desire to do it myself. But then again, back in the day there weren't very many girl drummers. Heck I had never seen one myself and I was always told that I couldn't play it and moved back into my safe zone, girl percussion instruments. And there I stayed. Through middle school, high school, and eventually drum corps too. Who knew by the time I was 40 that I would be playing in worship bands as a percussionist again? Only this time it was different. Since time moved, more girl drummers came out. Really good one's in fact. They are just as up there with the guys if not stronger or better. And yet as time stands still for us sometimes I still hadn't sat down at a drum set and tried to learn it. No. By this time I was afraid of it. Seriously. I wouldn't touch it from a ten foot pole. Even though my deepest desire was to learn it, play it by the time I died. Dayv bought me a drum set. There is sat down in our basement collecting dust. Too much blockage and not enough confidence. We eventually gave it away. That was that. but a desire is a desire and so it burned deep within my heart. Until very recently. We started a new church and it was there I met Rick. He is our youth pastor and a wonderful man of God. He also plays the drums. At first he was pretty intimating on the drums, he still is. But I decided one day I had nothing to loose and asked him if he'd give me lessons. He didn't even skip a beat and said yes. You can imagine how I felt! Elated, scared, and nervous too. But I knew it was something that I wanted to do. And the timing was right too. So here I am. Here's the set. I am taking lessons from Rick who is encouraging and allows me to be honest with him too. I'm only in my 3rd week of playing. I mean seriously sitting down and learning stuff. But I can tell you it feels wonderful! Good! Exciting! Fun! Because you know what? The beats, playing, and feeling it has always been there. After all God had put it there didn't he? Now its up to me to take this opportunity to learn something that burns deep within…..

American Crafts, Fiskars, Generic buttons, Shabby Chic, Black Sharpie, Computer font Century Gothic, CM corner rounder.

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