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Project - Connecting with Creativity: Family Photos CD Cover



great idea! I have lots of photos that I need to do this with and share. Thanks for this!

I love the idea of this - misc. photos from the cd will help everyone remember the time frame more easily. Great job!

What a terrific idea! Love the photos and design!

love the mix of papers and elements!!

what a wonderful idea, jamie!!

Project - Connecting with Creativity: Family Photos CD Cover
About this project

Project - Connecting with Creativity: Family Photos CD Cover
by Jamie Sorenson
posted 05/16/11 at 10:36 AM
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This is a cd and cd cover I created for my family when playing along in this week's theme of “Collaborating” for our Connecting with Creativity [] series. One way I like to collaborate with others, especially my family, is to collect and share photos. I'm sharing a couple different versions here, one using a plastic cd case and another set using extra paper I had on hand that I folded and stapled to make cd envelopes.

It's so easy to snap photo after photo at a family gathering, and then after everyone disperses, fall back into a daily routine and neglect to do anything with those photos. I've recently been on a mission to change my photo-hoarding habits and get them into the hands of my family. I've also been on a mission to gather photos from my family and make sure I get their snapshots as well. (Side note: getting “tagged” on Facebook doesn't do it for me - I want the original, high-quality photo so that when I go to print, the images are not pixelated and unflattering! Who's with me?!)

Here are the steps I take in this process; I hope they're helpful to you somehow. :)
  • If possible, bring your gear with you! When a recent 3-day reunion was winding down and we were all to soon say our goodbyes, I got out my laptop and pooled everyones' cameras and phones together. With their permission, I imported their photos from that weekend into my photo library while it was easy and everyone was together with the promise that I would then share those photos later on. If you're going to do this, make sure you follow through! ;)
  • Organize. I use iPhoto as I am on a Mac. I love, love, love the keyword/tag function. I pop in a movie, and go through my photo library adding tags to each photo. I use tags like dates, places and names. (A side note: I also use tags like “everyday life” or “date night” - categories I may want to search for when creating a layout under a certain theme.) I create albums too, but the tags are extra helpful.
  • Gather. When it was time to compile photos for cd's, I would gather the photos within my program and create folders for them. I gave each one of my siblings' families a cd with photos that included their family members, and then a cd of favorite extended family shots. I did this by doing a keyword search by their last names and then dragging them into a folder. I then burned the folders onto blank cd's.
  • Make it pretty!Creating a cd cover for your shared photos is one of the most fun parts! First, I measured the slot where the cover would go. I created a 4.75“x4.75” collage and then had 2 printed on one 8x10 print at a time. I used a template kit from Erica Hernandez; the kit made it super easy to create the collage covers. (For a helpful lesson on using templates, check out this [] class.) I embellished the collages with a label from the kit “Put a Label On It,” and a camera icon from the kit “Snap Out of It.” I mixed a couple fonts for the text work, created a line using the shape tool, and that was it!

    I've included some photos of this same project I've done before, just a different version, which was very much inspired by Chelsea Parsons' packaging idea []. I didn't have the plastic cases and so I used old patterned papers to act as sleeves for the cd's, held together with staples. I printed out the camera elements and framed them with tape. Easy and fun!
  • Distribute! Enjoy giving these to your family and friends! Seeing my family members' faces when we looked at the photos together made all of the work worth it; I know they appreciate having these copies for themselves. And a bonus? They cooperate with my paparazzi tendencies during family gatherings knowing they'll enjoy the photos later. Heehee! ;)
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