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Project - Connecting with Creativity: Pieces



Love how you've used so many photos on this page without it looking cluttered.

Thank you for the comment you left on my layout :)

She is beautiful and so is your layout! Love the quilty look of your page that goes perfectly together with the "pieces" them. Loved reading your journaling!

I never occurred to me to scrap what I DON'T know. I so focus on telling a story, I miss the small points. Thanks for this different way of thinking.

I love this and the story behind it and the way it allowed you to connect with your Dad and his mother. Beautiful work. So sweet. Perfect title.

Project - Connecting with Creativity: Pieces
About this project

Project - Connecting with Creativity: Pieces
by Jamie Sorenson
posted 05/30/11 at 11:41 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

The theme for the last week in our Connecting with Creativity series [] is “Remembering.” While I did not have the opportunity to know my grandmother (sadly, she passed before I was born), I recently asked my dad for his help in remembering what she was like. He and I had hours to talk as we traveled together on a road trip; I dug out a pen and notepad and he went back in time. I jotted down everything as quickly as I could while doing my best to soak up the telling of his memories. I'll tell these stories more in detail in other pages, but for this one page I wanted to emphasize the “pieces” of her story I still do not know. It was good for me to document the mysteries and the question marks in my life…the gaps in the stories. Not only did it inspire me to dig deeper and learn what I could about my grandmother, it reminded me of what a good thing it is to document my own story.

I used a template kit designed especially for storytelling. It made putting this together a snap. I also love the vintage designs of this Hazel Olive Kit “Her Journey.” :)
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