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Project - My Husband Cooks

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lucky girl! my hubby will do breakfast (he made me some this morning!) and grilling but other than that, it's all me, lol.

Looks like a delicious meal! I'm waiting for my DH to come home and do a bolognese - aided by a jar of Paul Newman spaghetti sauce!
Great use of selective b&amp;w. The colors on the LO work beautifully.

Yay for cooking husbands- mine haas a limited repertoire- pancakes/waffles, scones, stirfry and spaghetti. <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'> Great idea for a page!!!

Love the design!! =) My hubby used to cook, then I got there... *lol*

Yay, that's so great. My husband used to cook too. I've got to find the way to get him back in the kitchen again too. I love the journaling block and title here.

My husband cooks too. Ain't it great! Nice job on the page.

Project - My Husband Cooks
About this project

Project - My Husband Cooks
by poohdivams
posted 11/20/08 at 07:29 AM
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Kits used Heather -T's mediterrain paper 1 for background, paper 2 for shape fill. Kate Teague Freebie Ovals. <P>
Vivaldi size 32 for word art power point 2007 <P>
Californian fb size 25 power point2007 <P>
Digi challenge b/w or desaturation: <P>
photo 1: b/w the background, then made the silver on the pan to sephia <P>
photo 2: b/w the background only left color of plates and food in <p>
photo 3: Hue -5/(de)saturation 0 /lightness -47 on the picture of the box only background was already a black and white due to lighting in the room.<P>

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