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Project - Make Mine Mini Week 2



Wow! Love the design and I can't believe these photos were from your phone!

<blockquote><HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'>Really those were shot on your phone? <HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'></blockquote>

Yup they were from my cell phone. I couldn't believe it either. Now, if I had tried to zoom in it would look really fuzzy and crappy. I have a picture of my cell phone on my blog its under the march threads for this year. I can't complain.

This turned out really well! Especially like your memory quote on the last page!

I think this worked out really well. Lovely shots of the fireworks. Really those were shot on your phone? Really like the title page.

Project - Make Mine Mini Week 2
About this project

Project - Make Mine Mini Week 2
by poohdivams
posted 06/15/09 at 11:43 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

done to remember the fireworks show we saw together.I made mine 12 x12 size so I could put into the album for 2009 as a chapter. Since chapters are mini books to begin with.<P>
Challenges: <P>
Make mine mini week 2<P>
I wanna be a gg <P>
Use your two peas kit <P>
Use more than three photos <P>
Digital vellum challenge <P>

Software used:<P>
Power Point 2007 Its easier when doing a drop/drag process in this program<P>

Kits used:<P>
The Queen of Quirk She ain't no spring chicken freebie <P>
Sande Krieger Home of the brave freebie <P>
Erica Hernandez Vibe Freeibe <P>
Rhonna Farrer New Year Brushes <P>
Proud to be digi collaboration freebie <P>
Crystal Wilkerson May 2009 365 Kit <P>
Jennifer Peebles Skinny labels Freebie <P>
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