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Project - Everyday Holidays Quickpages


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Project - Everyday Holidays Quickpages
About this project

Project - Everyday Holidays Quickpages
by poohdivams
posted 08/01/10 at 09:12 AM
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All these are inspired by the pattern paper and card class<P>

image 1 or quickpage 11-made matts only by layering and background pattern papers <P>
image 2 or quickpage 12-decorative matts layered pattern paper<P>
image 3 or quickpage 13-background circle, wavey stripe is out of patten paper <P>
image 4 or quickpage 14-made markers, and matt out pattern paper <P<
image 5 or quick page 15-matt in cloud form only out of pattern paper <P>
image 6 or quickpage 16-frame, matt, and stripe of paper out of pattern paper <P>
image 7 or quickpage 17-made frames out of pattern paper <P>
image 8 or quickpage 18-made stripes, diamond shapes, and frame out pattern paper <P>
image 9 or quickpage 19-matt, ribbon type of paper, and button from pattern paper <P>
image 10 or quickpage 20-matts, stripes of paper, & rectangles out of pattern paper <P>
image 11 or quickpage 21-made stripes, matts, and photo corners, & brads out of pattern papers<P.
image 12 or quickpage 22-made happy faces and parts, stripes like ribbon, matt, frames, washers, and brads out of pattern papers.<P>
To see all these pages with photos in them you can go to my blog links in siggy or to<P>
use the just write August 2010 kit for the pages <P>

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